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Dr. Ellen Krumme has treated hundreds of patients; helping them to feel better and live healthier, more productive lives through chiropractic care. Our focus is upon treating the whole person rather than just alleviating the most immediate problem or symptoms. At Krumme Chiropractic, you will discover how chiropractic care can be extremely beneficial to your body. This natural method of healthcare has long been proven to relieve back pain and neck pain; as well as to increase energy and promote well-being through having a properly functioning spine and healthy nerve system.

Visiting a chiropractor may also help if you suffer from the one of the conditions listed below. To learn more about these conditions, please click here to visit the "conditions we treat" page and see if you have experienced any of these symptoms.

Sciatica     •     Whiplash     •     Pinched Nerve     •     Bulging Disc     •     Slipped Disc

Other problems ranging from dizziness to ringing in the ears can also be treated using chiropractic care. Your personal injury suffering can stop today with Dr. Krumme's general chiropractic services. Krumme Chiropractic currently serves West Chester, Mason, Sharonville, Fairfield and the greater Cincinnati area. Contact Dr. Krumme today!

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"When my daughter started with Dr. Krumme she was having daily headaches and she was only 10 years old. She would have to stop playing and rest when she got a headache. Since she began getting adjusted her headaches are gone. She is now 13 and enjoys an active life like any teenager should."

~ Happy Parent!

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Krumme Chiropractic offers numerous wellness services as well as first-rate chiropractic care. We have the latest and most effective treatments for your holistic healthcare needs; including nutritional supplements, massage therapy, and physiotherapy. Please click on the links below, and take your time reading through the descriptions and following any relevant links; to learn more about these services and understand how they can positively impact the health and well being of yourself and those you love.


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